• Frings masterminds

Behind the management of Frings Network is an experienced and dynamic team. At the heart of our company are our employees, who make the company what it is: a service-oriented provider of efficient building and media technology. For us, you as a customer come first. Get to know us.

Sven Frings | The Team Leader

As the idea developer and innovator of the system house group, Sven Frings tirelessly pushes ahead with future-oriented projects. He gives the necessary impulses and keeps track of changes and developments in network and media technology.


Sven Frings

Managing Proprietor 


Phone. +49 (6196) 65 14 -0

E-Mail: sven.frings@remove-this.frings-network.de

Volker Müller | The Number Expert

Volker Müller is a master of numbers and also has a "hot" line to the workforce. He is responsible for finance, administration and human resources for the entire Frings system house group.


Volker Müller

Management, Authorized signatory

Finance, Administration, Law


Phone. +49 (6196) 65 14 -0

Email: volker.mueller@remove-this.frings-network.de

Matthias Rosenkranz | The Sales Professional

Our customers have been relying on the professionalism and know-how of Matthias Rosenkranz for years. Together with his team, he is responsible for the sales and marketing skills of Frings Network.


Matthias Rosenkranz

Management, Authorized signatory

Sales, Product


Phone. +49 (6196) 65 14 -0

Email: matthias.rosenkranz@remove-this.frings-network.de

Helmut Neuhaus | The Technology Expert

Helmut Neuhaus has been with the company for over 25 years and is the team leader of our media and network experts, with whom he realizes challenging projects in Frankfurt and throughout Hessen.

Helmut Neuhaus

Management, Authorised signatory

Product, Technology


Phone: +49 (6196) 65 14 -0

Email: helmut.neuhaus@remove-this.frings-network.de