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RITTAL | Rack systems with endless possibilities.

The whole is more than the sum of its parts. This also applies to "Rittal - The System". Rittal has bundled its innovative products from the enclosures, power distribution, climate control and IT infrastructure sectors into a single system platform. Supplemented by comprehensive software tools and worldwide service, Rittal creates unique added value.


The performance and security of an IT infrastructure depends crucially on the interaction of the individual components. With Rittal products, you have a system platform in which all system components are perfectly coordinated. Rittal TS IT sets a world standard for network and server technology. Thanks to an intelligent modular system comprising a range of racks and accessories, and assembly-friendly snap-in technology, a single rack system meets virtually all the requirements of modular, flexible network and server racks.

The comprehensive Rittal modular system meets every customer requirement, however individual. It comprises enclosure, power distribution, climate control and IT infrastructure systems. Your benefit: Maximum flexibility. Rittal's extensive portfolio of tools and machining systems helps to optimise and automate processes right down to the workshop level.


Rittal VX25 | The new Big Rack System

Production according to Industry 4.0 and the "Made in Germany". The VX25 series was developed in Germany and is also produced here, according to 4.0 standards with world-leading, digitally networked technology. VX25 is a new platform which is able to integrate seamlessly into fully automated switchgear and control systems. Workflows become traceable, faster and more efficient. The digital twin becomes reality.


The VX25 system is part of the comprehensive, globally available Rittal system. It provides everything required in enclosure construction today - from engineering tools, enclosures, power distribution and enclosure climate control, through to all the accessories required for mounting and removing enclosures.



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Rittal | The appropriate IT-Infrastructure for digitization.

The digital transformation in business, industry and trade brings with it many opportunities, but at the same time poses new challenges for IT infrastructures. The processing of complex tasks and huge amounts of data requires ever more flexible, efficient and fast IT solutions. The new enclosure systems from Rittal ensure that sensitive electronics are stably accommodated. They also ensure that cooling, power and connection technology for the hardware are positioned precisely where they are needed. They act as an interface to the cooling concept used, and provide an insight into the current status through intelligent management functions.


In addition, they can facilitate asset management and increase availability with suitable extensions. With systems from Rittal, you have a wide range of options which can be operated quickly and economically, as well as efficiently and securely. Product solutions which may be individually combined from the location, IT infrastructure or a private cloud data centre, through to service models such as ITaaS and DCaaS. Or also from the Micro Data Center to the Hyperscale Data Center, which can be scaled to any size.


Put together the right IT infrastructure with the help of our experts. There are many options for every need, and you can take care of the most important things: Your core business.



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