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Nexans Cabling Solutions | Lifeline for energy.

Nexans Germany is one of the leading cable manufacturers in Europe. The company offers a comprehensive range of high-performance cables, systems and components for telecommunications and the energy sector. The range is rounded off by superconducting materials and components, Cryoflex transfer systems and special machines for the cable industry. We are a certified Nexans partner and offer you the entire portfolio with competent installation experience.


The manufacturer offers LAN cable solutions with data transfer speeds in the gigabit range with maximum reliability. IT managers need to think about how they can secure the future of their networks. Nexans is committed to providing higher bandwidths with even better performance while ensuring backward compatibility with "GIGAlite", Cat 6 and Cat 7 high-speed cables and connectivity.



Nexans | Premium FO/copper LAN & telephone cable

Nexans Cabling Solutions offers a wide range of fibre optic cables. A wide range of indoor and outdoor requirements can be covered. High performance and scalable performance make them equally suitable for LAN, SAN and campus applications. LANmark-OF technology combines premium performance with highest reliability.


Nexans | Superconductor technology - the future of power grids

Higher capacity. Optimized short circuit safety. Simplified network expansion. Nexans is a leading company in the superconductor industry. Superconductors have no electrical resistance and can transmit very high currents with virtually no losses. With these properties, they open up fundamentally new possibilities in power engineering.


Nexans develops and produces power engineering systems based on superconductors. The focus is on products that create better conditions for the future-oriented conversion, expansion and new construction of electricity networks: The manufacturer supplies compact superconducting cables with very low impedance, which can transport large amounts of energy in limited space. This innovative cable technology offers network operators important advantages when modernizing the power supply in conurbations.


Superconducting current limiters protect power grids and their technical systems from overloads caused by short circuits, among other things. Networks that are equipped with current limiters can be used to a higher capacity. They can be coupled together more easily, thus allowing them to be meshed over a wider area and used more flexibly. SFCLs reduce the wear and tear of conventional network equipment and help to efficiently integrate decentralized power generation plants into the supply system. 



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