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LEONI | Innovative Cable Technologies.

With its extensive product portfolio and technical excellence, LEONI has been meeting the constant demand for more bandwidth and speed in telecommunications for more than 30 years. The high-quality cables and connection technologies are the high-performance components of your transmission channels. LEONI offers a wide range of cable systems for various applications that help to meet your project requirements.


For the highest safety requirements in buildings - We advise and support our customers in the planning and implementation of technical equipment. With Leoni's products we create reliability and safety for your company and for the people entering and leaving your buildings. We ensure that your investments in tangible assets are selected and installed sustainably and that they function perfectly from a technical point of view.



Leoni | Application-neutral cabling in office buildings

Today, the future of a company is significantly secured by reliable and up-to-date data processing. The rapid development of data rates and different applications require a network infrastructure with the highest flexibility and performance, which can also meet future requirements. For research & development, banks, insurance companies, universities, hospitals, hotels, airports and many other areas, high-quality, application-neutral IT networks are the backbone for smooth operation and economic success.


The intelligent combination of fiber optic technology in the backbone and copper technology all the way to the user not only enables economical networking of PCs and printers, but also IP telephony and multimedia applications. In addition, Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) also supplies end devices such as webcams, WLAN access points, IP telephones and notebooks with energy via structured copper cabling. These structured, application-neutral communication cable systems are standardized internationally and in Europe by ISO/IEC 11801 and DIN EN 50173-1/2.


In addition to its core competencies in data centre cabling, mobile and fixed network technology, Leoni also offers standard and customised solutions for every conceivable field of application. To depict all possibilities would go beyond the available scope.



LEONI | Brochure | GigaLine® Cable Systems in LWL for DataCenter · Office · Industry

Leoni | Reliable connections for more speed and bandwidth

Internet of Things, cloud computing, smart applications. LEONIE supplies network components for data centers that are space-saving, reliable and energy efficient. With in-house design capabilities for printed circuit boards, connectors, copper and fiber optic cables, the entire transmission channel is harmonized and high-performance connections with low latency and excellent signal integrity are developed - for more flexibility in data center planning, scalability and migration. 


LEONI | Connections are the key to breaking down the data center limits

  • The superior signal integrity of active and passive high-speed connections or bending-resistant OM3 and OM4 multimode cables creates availability, scalability and migration possibilities.
  • Increased link lengths and plug & play solutions with coordinated connection components reduce space requirements and installation times.
  • Extensive in-line process control and automated manufacturing ensure product stability at frequencies up to 56 GHz and above. The assembly of fiber optic solutions in the clean room supports the industry leading quality of the products.
  • For panels, backplanes and networks LEONI supplies general and customer-specific connections with different standards (e.g. DIN EN 50173-5 and ISO/IEC 24764, 40 and 100 GbE with IEEE 802.3ba, 25 and 50 GbE).
  • The key to more intelligence. Smart solutions enable the remote maintenance of connections and thus increase the efficiency of the products.



LEONI | Brochure | GigaLine® Cabling Systems in LWL

LEONI | Brochure | MegaLine® Cabling Systems in copper