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Corning | Continuously revolutionizes data transport.

Corning is the leading manufacturer of fiber optic solutions for telecommunications, among other things. The manufacturer continuously focuses on innovations to further improve the speed and performance of an optical network and reduce installation costs. Frings Building Solutions is one of only three partners in Germany that are qualified as NPI partners of Corning.


The company sets the standard for modern solutions for fibers, cables, networks and wireless technologies, so that the world can network better than ever before. These innovations benefit customers in healthcare, government, banking and a wide range of other industries. They can enjoy all the benefits of new developments: remote storage, cloud computing and Fiber-to-the-Desktop (FTTD).

Corning | For a seamless data flow

Corning's optical solutions ensure that communications run smoothly for consumers and businesses that want a fast and reliable connection to the world anywhere, anytime. These optical communication technologies give users greater access to video, voice and information. But this is not enough. Consumers want to exchange data at lightning speed, so the demand for bandwidth is exploding and network usage is doubling almost every year.


Telecommunication networks are continuing to change from copper-based to fibre-based solutions, which can provide the required cost-effective bandwidth transmission capacity. Corning's experience puts the manufacturer in a unique position to design and deliver optical solutions that reach every point in the communications network. Corning offers a wide range of end-to-end fiber and wireless solutions for tomorrow's communications networks.


Corning | by Frings

Frings Network is one of only a few partners in Germany who have qualified for "Pretium" membership in Corning Cable Systems' NPI Partner Program. The market leader's model for cabling solutions is called Network of Preferred Installers / Integrators (NPI). As an NPI partner, we assure you of the installation of a high-quality and future-proof network with a 25-year warranty!


EDGE | For your Data centre

With the EDGE8™ solution, Corning has added an innovative and optimized version to its solution series for highly compact and flexible IT data center cabling based on fiber optics. The series contains a multitude of sustainable and economical new cabling options and scenarios. EDGE8T™ offers passive TAP modules, various breakout options or an easy-to-implement and scalable basic infrastructure that meets today's and future bandwidth requirements.


EDGE™ solutions were the industry's first pre-assembled optical cabling systems designed specifically for data centers. EDGE offers everything: network uptime, speed, low complexity and a clear migration path to meet future requirements. 


EDGE | Advantages:

  • 85% faster installation time
  • 25% faster MACs
  • 100% more density 100G Ready
  • Enabled by ClearCurve-Faser


EDGE | Core products for Data centers

For many data center and storage area network (SAN) projects, the availability of important product information and the fastest possible availability are of particular importance. Corning Systems' fiber optic solutions for data centers and SANs ensure that a data center can meet the needs of today and tomorrow. The Plug & PlayTM Universal Systems components offer a maximum of scalability, functionality and reliability. Corning EDGE solutions, on the other hand, enable twice the port concentration, shorter installation times and faster moves, adds and changes (MACs) to facilitate data center migration.



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