• Secure mobile workplaces
    Active Network Components

Active network components are complex hardware that require a power supply. They are the core of a stable and fast network in buildings, offices and companies. With the right choice of a suitable router, you can, for example (via VPN), securely dial into your company from outside or network locations with each other without others being able to access them. You can divide your network into different areas to separate the productive part from the test environment. Increase security in your IT infrastructure - for today and tomorrow.


Triumphant success for WLAN | More range and bandwidth.

In terms of speed and reliability, WLAN can now compete with wired networks. The Internet should give the spread of wireless networks a further significant boost. Our WLAN components from well-known manufacturers are scalable and can be perfectly adapted to the size of the networks. The functional diversity of the products opens up numerous possibilities for designing the wireless network to fit perfectly. 




The products developed by Cisco based on the Internet Protocol (IP) form the basis of these networks. Cisco has decades of experience in the field of network technology. Use this experience for your company and a secure, fast network.


Aruba by HPE offers companies intelligent network solutions for wireless access, management and security. They deliver fast, reliable Wi-Fi, improve network efficiency and support the growing demands of mobile device and Internet density on the network.


Fortinet provides high-performance network security solutions that protect your network, users and data from evolving threats.


Spend less time managing your network and more time focusing on digital transformations. Extreme Smart OmniEdge improves security in your wired, wireless and IoT environment.