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Fortinet - all-round protection of your data

Fortinet provides enterprises with comprehensive, truly integrated, high-performance security for the entire IT infrastructure. The manufacturer offers first-class network and content security as well as secure access products that exchange information and work together to create a collaborative structure. The unique security architecture combines security processors, an intuitive operating system and applied threat information to provide users with proven security, better visibility and control - and simplify management.


Security for:

  • Network security
  • Multi-Cloud-Security
  • Web use security
  • Email-Security
  • Extended threat protection
  • Secure unique access
  • Endpoint security
  • Management and analysis



FortiGate, the enterprise firewall platform, is available in a wide range of sizes and form factors for any environment and offers a wide range of next-generation security and networking features. Complementary products can be deployed with a FortiGate to provide a simplified end-to-end security infrastructure.


Secure WiFi-Connections

Large sites, distributed enterprises and small businesses all have different WLAN architecture requirements, but also a common security requirement. That's why Fortinet offers a complete suite of Wi-Fi access point and WLAN controller products as part of the Secure Access solution, specifically designed to meet the needs of each organization.


You can configure and control your wireless environment directly with a FortiGate or via the dedicated WLAN controller. Fortinet also offers FortiManager and FortiCloud as management solutions for the entire Fortinet security architecture. All Fortinet wireless solutions are integrated with the FortiPresence site analysis platform. This enables real-time location and device tracking.



The challenges associated with Wi-Fi security for businesses continue to grow. With BYOD, a highly mobile workforce, and now that IoT devices are being brought into the enterprise arena, it is critical for IT organizations to manage their access while dealing with evolving security threats. Fortinet offers a variety of wireless solutions, from FortiGate management to dedicated WLAN controllers, to ensure that every user has the right solution for their networking needs.



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