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Extreme Networks | Branch-specific solutions and results.

From education to hospitality, healthcare to retail, Extreme combines best-in-class products with a global view to create responsive networks that create stronger connections with customers to improve business. Take advantage of a variety of Extreme Networks solutions, all designed to maximize your network's effectiveness and build a long-term partnership.


Enable devices and users to securely configure themselves and manage everything from a single interface using Extreme's components. Today's business demands flexibility, scalable and resilient connectivity and network security - but without the complexity of traditional networks. Fabric Connect is a new way to design, build and operate networks. One that offers simplicity and flexibility while improving security and stability.

Smart OmniEdge-Solution | An intelligent Network starts at the edge

The network edge is the place where the digital transformation is won or lost. In your business, customers are contacted, mobile transactions are performed, IoT devices are connected, and you can be the first to defend against cyber threats. Extreme's Smart OmniEdge networking solution provides a unified wired / wireless infrastructure for cloud or local deployment, complemented by AI-based applications and managed through a single pane of glass. The result? A network that delivers a consistent, customer-focused experience, that captures costs and enables competitive advantage through innovation and rapid new service delivery.


Edge-Networking | A new era

Extreme's Smart OmniEdge gives companies a new framework for designing, deploying and using edge networks. It enables companies to shift their focus from managing the network to growing their business. At the heart of our strategy is the delivery of a superior, customer-focused experience that is consistent across different architectures, locations and consumption models. Smart OmniEdge removes the complexity of edge networks with a secure, unified solution Wired / Wireless infrastructure extended with Al-/ML applications and managed through a single pane of glass.



Designed with a single operating model that adapts to loT's growth, Smart OmniEdge delivers a consistent customer-focused experience across campus and distributed environments, cloud and on-premise deployments. Smart OmniEdge delivers operational efficiency via Al / ML and automation, new customer experiences via Pervasive Intelligence, diversified business models with adaptive hybrid cloud capabilities and stringent network security.



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Network Agility

Network Agility | Pushing ahead with the digital transformation

Digital transformation lives or dies in the data center. The data center is the heart of your enterprise network and the engine for new applications and business functions. But adapting and scaling can be complex and challenging, requiring the management of a wide range of capabilities and vendors. Extreme Networks' Agile Data Center solutions provide the automation, visibility and flexibility needed to make digital transformation a reality.


Network Agility | Easy scale deployment

Extreme Fabric Automation greatly simplifies deployment for small networks or a single server room, enabling plug-n-play fabric networks in seconds without an external server. With data center automation, you can configure all tenant services for large networks across an entire factory. Deliver a consistent user experience in minutes, reducing complexity and saving time. Consistently leverage the Extreme Management Center for your single user experience with real-time factory visibility and create a unified operating model for analysis. All this comes with modular building blocks for 1 to 1000 racks.


Network Agility | Intelligent at every point in the network

Leverage on-board visibility with the Extreme Insight architecture, which includes a guest virtual machine on each switch with a dedicated data path to run third-party applications, to make informed data-driven decisions and achieve application-level visibility with real-time application analytics for proactive capacity planning. Anomaly detection supported by machine learning ensures intelligent troubleshooting. Adaptable to the needs of the customer.


Network Agility | Adaptable to the requirements of the customer business

Combine event-driven computing, storage, networking, and services with Stackstorm's Extreme Workflow Composer and automate them at your own pace. Quickly change personas and enforce policy compliance across domains. Seamless integration of virtual machines lets you easily manage a highly virtualized infrastructure that quickly adapts to changing business needs. Master endpoint capacity and performance planning with unmatched visibility across public and private clouds.