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Cisco Components | Secure. Reliable. Transparent.

Today, networks are an important technological component of business and everyday life. The products developed by Cisco based on the Internet Protocol (IP) form the basis of these networks. Cisco has decades of experience in network technology. Use this for your company and a secure, fast network.


Get your network ready for digitization with an intelligent controller. The components help scale a small, medium or large enterprise network. Cisco switches are cost-effective and can meet the needs of networks of any size. A properly functioning wireless network helps you communicate with your customers and allows employees to do their jobs more easily while protecting corporate data from attack. Cisco access points, wireless LAN controllers, and Cisco Digital Network Architecture (Cisco DNA) provide innovative solutions such as 802.11ac Wave 2 and high security for businesses of all sizes.



Switches | simplify and secure networks!

Cisco switches are scalable, cost-effective and designed to meet the needs of networks of any size. Cisco switching solutions are the cornerstone of the borderless network architecture. Networked businesses benefit from the combination of expandable platforms. Flexible adaptation to new business and IT requirements.


Cisco switching solutions give you the flexibility to successfully meet new business challenges. With precisely scalable performance, integrated services, and flexible configurations, you'll always benefit from secure, reliable, and easy communication options, even as your needs grow.


With Cisco switches, we offer you excellent investment protection, as they have been developed with current and future requirements in mind. They are highly scalable and feature-rich, and can be easily adapted to growing IT and business requirements. Incremental upgrades are easy to perform thanks to technologies such as switch supervisors, service modules, StackWise, software-based services and interface components that can be reused or easily replaced.



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Router | The basis for intelligent networks 

Cisco routers optimize access to applications and services and the integration of technologies. The original task of a network router was to connect different networks together. In the meantime it has evolved into a device that combines numerous services that go far beyond the classic routing functions.


Today, more and more modern Integrated Services Routers are being used, which, in addition to the usual network functions, offer services for voice, video and data transmission as well as functions for Internet access, wireless functions and other applications. A foundation for your intelligent network Cisco routers not only provide a solid platform for optimizing application availability and communications, they also offer the following benefits:


  • Maximum reduced total cost of ownership and excellent return on investment; Cisco Integrated Services Router Generation 2 (ISR G2) reduces operating costs by 50 to 75 percent per year
  • Creating a framework for wireless LAN solutions to integrate existing tools, information and resources of the wired infrastructure
  • Optimize branch office services with reliable multiservice solutions that deliver superior performance, scalability, and availability
  • Industry-leading service densities, bandwidth, availability and performance options for flexible configuration