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Displays & Monitors - Trend-setting Technology 

Our experts will introduce you to the future-oriented technology of the displays with professional advice and will be happy to plan your individual solution. Large Format Displays (LFD) have become increasingly popular in recent years as a means of advertising and information. They can now be produced at low cost and, thanks to networking, solutions such as video walls or interactive touch displays are now standard.


Large, bright displays optimize the efficiency of meetings and improve the entire communication of your company in boardrooms, reception areas and cafeterias. This makes meetings more productive and gives your visual communication a competitive edge. Add impact to presentations, signage, video conferencing and collaborative projects with superior HDR image quality in 4K resolution. Work smarter with business-oriented features, flexible integration, and extremely attractive cost of ownership.

LCD displays - communicate with clarity


LCD displays are liquid crystal displays whose technology is used in most of today's modern communication media, such as screens and monitors or even smart phones. They offer numerous advantages compared to plasma screens and have established themselves as an established feature in the furnishing of conference rooms and in the field of digital signage. With Full HD and UHD resolutions, they are perfectly suited for any application.


The main features:

  • Brilliant and bright images in daylight
  • lower power consumption
  • Sharp image with ideal resolution
  • Radiation poverty


    LED displays - simple operation, comprehensive integration options & low cost of ownership


    LED display delivers high-resolution images with unmatched brightness and excellent contrast They are available with different pixel pitches and generate the perfect image at all times, even in direct sunlight. They can easily be combined to form very large screen areas and are available not only for indoor use but also for outdoor use in the most adverse weather conditions.


    The main features:

    • dynamic and individual control of the light emitting diodes
    • high contrast
    • low energy requirements
    • long life of the LEDs


    Digital Signage - exerting influence at all customer contact points


    Digital signage (or public displays) is the term used to describe all screens that are placed in public places and are suitable for continuous operation (24/7). They are very energy-saving, high-resolution and basically suitable for wall and ceiling mounting. Some models have an integrated full-fledged mini PC by the manufacturer, which can be used for digital signage. On the advance are LFDs, which have at least one screen diagonal of 40″, i.e. approx. 1.0m.


    The main features

    • 24/7-Continuous operation
    • Sizes 40“ to 110“
    • Wall or ceiling mounting possible
    • Special security preparations for operation in public (protection against manipulation and theft)
    • Especially low power consumption
    • Remote control functions via network
    • Freely programmable operating times
    • Optional with integrated PC or TV module for digital signage projects