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Video conference systems | Collaboration in rooms.

State-of-the-art video conferencing systems enable you to communicate quickly and easily with colleagues and partners all over the world from your office or meeting room or even from your mobile device - spatial boundaries no longer matter. You avoid unnecessary business trips and save time and money.


Increase the flexibility of your company in terms of time and space and offer every employee the opportunity to participate in a meeting from anywhere. Increase productivity and efficiency - discussions are more focused when you have the common basis for discussion in mind and can see your counterpart at the same time. Frings Network is your partner for video conferencing software, video conferencing equipment, telepresence and video conferencing in the cloud. We advise you independently of manufacturers and always offer you the right systems for every environment.



We work together | You can do

As long-standing partners, Poly and Microsoft work together to develop high-quality video solutions that make your Microsoft business meetings a success. With services to connect your devices to Skype for Business, Microsoft teams and native Microsoft video conferencing devices, Poly's solutions and services are designed for meetings of all sizes and needs.


Video solutions | Microsoft Business Conferencing

Bring the meeting experience of Microsoft Teams or Skype for Business from your desk to meeting rooms of any size. Give your teams and participants around the world a high-quality experience. Our room video solutions give Skype for Business users a high-quality, intimate collaboration experience. We also offer the industry's most comprehensive portfolio of Microsoft video solutions for virtually any type of room and application.


Video Solutions | Poly High Definition

Experience the power of Poly High Definition (HD) videoconferencing and content collaboration combined with the ease and familiarity of Office 365, and by deploying the Microsoft Team or Skype for Business user interface on all Poly devices, users can more easily hold meetings via Microsoft videoconferencing from any location and on any device. Direct integration with Office 365 means users can easily access contacts and schedule meetings. They can also join a team or Skype call with the click of a mouse without missing anything or interrupting their normal workflow.

Video solutions | Benefits at a glance:

  • Reliable solutions, with which tasks are always successfully completed
  • Comprehensive interoperability offers easy integration into existing communication systems
  • Unsurpassed audio quality for crystal clear communication and excellent understanding
  • Easy handling from the reception, to the office of the management and for all places in between



Polycom | Brochure | Overview

Polycom | Data sheet | RealConnect

Polycom | Data sheet | EagleEye™ IV-USB-Camera

Evoko Minto | We present

Welcome the newest participant of your future meetings and try the new "Evoko conference phone". Say goodbye to background noise, distractions and comments that are not heard. "Evoko Minto" is a smart, cordless conference phone that is easy to work with and chic at the same time. Minto has a remarkable ability to "hear", which is extremely important for conference systems, thanks to its unique sound technology. With your mobile phone, tablet or laptop, you can start the meeting immediately.


Your new colleague | Great team player

"Evoko Minto" works perfectly with your mobile phone, tablet or laptop. The connection can be established via Bluetooth or a cable and takes only a few seconds. The "blue" LED colour indicates that a Bluetooth device is connected, the colour changes to "green" when a call is active and to "red" when muted. So you know that you can speak freely.


Your new colleague | Really good listener

"Evoko Minto" is unique in its ability to "hear". Even in noisy environments and with many people talking or moving at different distances. Four directional microphones alternately pick up only the voice of the person speaking to the microphone and silence all distractions. The Minto conference phone easily covers rooms with 20 people - deliver your message loud and clear to all conference callers. "Evoko Minto is a great listener.


Your new colleague | Good speaker

A remarkable sound, based on a decade of research with patented sound enhancement software and a speaker that can clearly play the human voice, make it the right choice for the conference room. If for some reason you don't want to be heard, just swipe your hand in the air over it. The Halo Light will immediately turn "red", muting the microphones. "Evoko Minto" has built-in voice guidance technology for clear and informative updates. A truly fluid speaker...



Evoko | Minto Conference phone | Product brochure

Evoko | Minto Conference phone | Data sheet