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Room and media control | Uncomplicated operation of a room.

The success of any installation lies in the user-friendliness of the application. In addition to high video & audio quality, the uncomplicated operation of a room is the key factor.


Not only the presentation display, but all components in the room can be controlled with just a few clicks: Light, sound, shutters, room temperature and much more - you can control everything easily and without complications, so that the need for IT support and the associated costs are kept to a minimum. Media and room control is always an individually manufactured solution. You determine the functions and the design, we deliver a fully functional system.


Dimensions of the media control system

  • Sound and image transmission (AV)
  • Voice and data transmission (TK, WLAN, LAN)
  • Room booking
  • Room control (lighting, darkening etc.)
  • Security (access control, alarm, evacuation systems)
  • Energy
  • Climate (HVAC)

Bundling at one location, digital control - that is what modern media technology stands for. Introducing this requires the knowledge of specialists for IT, communication, building services engineering, building automation, cabling, electrics, air conditioning, alarm systems ... Managing such a complex project is a science in itself. The experts of Frings Network offer you this knowledge and put together a suitable solution.


Experts from various disciplines pull together and implement your solution. You will not notice anything of the complex network in the background. In the end, you control everything via switches, handy remote controls, mobile touch panels or iPads. It can be that simple.


Signal management is what counts
Without professional signal management in the background, even the best media control is worth nothing. We offer various signal management solutions that connect the worlds of technology: The systems distribute and translate signals for devices of various kinds. Presentations or workshops that fail due to unsuitable adapters are no longer a problem. Intelligent electronics convert the signals into the right protocols and connections. Especially in conference rooms a multitude of analog and digital media signals have to be processed: HDMI, VGA, S-Video, DisplayPort, USB, Firewire, Thunderbolt, Ethernet.


Signal management can be compared to a channel on which a wide variety of different ships travel. The only difference is that your signal packets are not transported (streamed) on water, but on twisted-pair cables or fiber optic lines. The inflow and outflow is carried out via standardised sockets. Connection fields for floor tank, wall or table installation fit harmoniously into the room optics.