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EVOKO Room manager | Stress-free room booking & conference planning.

The manufacturer Evoko Unlimited is a global company and sells its products over six continents to more than 50 different countries, with headquarters in Stockholm (Sweden). The company's mission is to develop innovative and stylish office products that make work easier. Evoko are design-oriented innovators who want to make professional meetings smoother - cost effective & stylish.


Making meetings "great"

Evoko offers perfectly matched products to make it easy to plan and conduct meetings. The "Room Manager" makes it easy to book meeting rooms and plan occupancy. Evoko Minto offers a new era of telephone conferencing. Minto is an intelligent, cordless conference phone that is easy to work with and super stylish.  See the solutions for yourself.


Easy to manage and set up

All Evoko solutions can be set up quickly and easily. No additional software solutions or servers are required. Therefore, there is no need for extensive training and the solutions can be used immediately by the employees. Evoko delivers the perfect setup for "great" meetings. The rest is up to you.

Room booking system | Efficiency only by one click

It's just a fingertip away. The "Evoko Room Manager" is a beautiful touch screen solution for all your meeting rooms. Make sure that they are used effectively. Forget about double bookings, confusion or interrupted meetings. With our room booking system you can easily book conference rooms and then have all the information displayed on the screen. The solution integrates seamlessly with your existing email server. This gives you a comprehensive insight into the meetings you are planning, so you can easily optimise resources. If you need to optimise your room planning - use "Evoko Room Manager" now.


Clear signals | This is the key

A meeting should be well planned and yet relaxed. The red or green LED lighting on the screen lets you see at a glance whether the room is free or not. With "Evoko Room Manager" booking conference rooms couldn't be easier, no extra training for staff is required.


Smooth planning | From anywhere

It doesn't matter where you are. Book, cancel or extend a meeting in your own electronic calendar or directly on the screen outside the meeting room. If the room you want is occupied, "Evoko Room Manager" will tell you which room is available and where it is located. The devices automatically synchronize with MS Exchange, Office 365 or Google Apps for Business, so you are always up to date with the latest information.


Happy IT department | Thanks to easy setup

A patent-pending solution with seamless integration into existing email servers. Secure, reliable and with minimal integration into the existing IT environment. Evoko is an all-in-one turnkey solution that comes with everything you need in your business. No additional hardware or software is required and no license or subscription fees. A one-off cost with everything included. Remote management for smooth configuration, updates and overview of the Room Manager.



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Introducing | The Evoko Minto

Welcome the newest participant of your future meetings and try the new "Evoko conference phone". Say goodbye to background noise, distractions and comments that are not heard. "Evoko Minto" is a smart, cordless conference phone that is easy to work with and chic at the same time. Minto has a remarkable ability to "hear", which is extremely important for conference systems, thanks to its unique sound technology. With your mobile phone, tablet or laptop, you can start the meeting immediately.


Your new colleague | Great team player

"Evoko Minto" works perfectly with your mobile phone, tablet or laptop. The connection can be established via Bluetooth or a cable and takes only a few seconds. The "blue" LED colour indicates that a Bluetooth device is connected, the colour changes to "green" when a call is active and to "red" when muted. So you know that you can speak freely.


Your new colleague | Really good listener

"Evoko Minto" is unique in its ability to "hear". Even in noisy environments and with many people talking or moving at different distances. Four directional microphones alternately pick up only the voice of the person speaking to the microphone and silence all distractions. The Minto conference phone easily covers rooms with 20 people - deliver your message loud and clear to all conference callers. "Evoko Minto is a great listener.


Your new colleague | Good speaker

A remarkable sound, based on a decade of research with patented sound enhancement software and a speaker that can clearly play the human voice, make it the right choice for the conference room. If for some reason you don't want to be heard, just swipe your hand in the air over it. The Halo Light will immediately turn "red", muting the microphones. "Evoko Minto" has built-in voice guidance technology for clear and informative updates. A truly fluid speaker...



Evoko | Minto Conference phone| Product brochure

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Evoko GROUPIE | Puts you in the right picture


"Evoko Groupie" is a portable wide-angle lens that you can connect to any device with a camera to start a video conference quickly and easily. It easily attaches to an existing camera and enlarges and brightens the video image. This makes all participants in the video conference clearly visible to the person opposite. Small, informative, sharp. "Evoko Groupie" has received many awards for design and functionality.


The Evoko videoconferencing lens widens the field of vision for everyone, so their body language is visible to the participants on the "other" side. For effective and entertaining communication. Thanks to the groupie, you won't be disturbed by images that are too dark. The ambient light sensor automatically adjusts the lighting. With a micro suction cup, "Evoko Groupie" can be easily attached over the existing camera of computers, tablets and smartphones. A smart travel bag protects your groupie and makes it easy to take it anywhere. Use the cleaning surface on the back of the case to keep your screen nice and clean.



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