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Audiotechnology | Sound improvement for conference calls.

When you think of the soundscape of a meeting, you instinctively think of the crackling of candy wrappers or the patter of fingers. But the most important element in a conference call is the sound technology. By using it correctly, you ensure that the focus is on the intended sound, not the background noise. In a conference call, a lot of time is lost by having to repeat what has already been said because other participants in the conversation cannot hear it well.


Muffled speech and background noise make an otherwise productive conference call inefficient. By improving sound quality, companies can ensure that all participants in an AV conference can be heard clearly. This increases efficiency and productivity. Both internal meetings and customer contact can benefit from sound enhancement. You may prefer to meet with your customers face-to-face - but this is often not possible with global companies. In many cases, the first impression you give a new business partner is your appearance at a conference call.


Audio technology | The basic components  
We are your contact for questions about audio and media technology. Our team consists of experts from various fields. We support you with individual advice and offer tailor-made concepts.

So that no content is lost despite long distances or numerous listeners, we always offer you the right loudspeaker and microphone solutions for your premises. No matter whether you are planning video conferences with two people or conferences with a large number of microphone units and listeners - with the right audio solution you will always have optimal acoustics - so that every word reaches all participants and conversation partners reliably and crystal-clear.


In its simplest form, every public address system consists of a signal source, an amplifier and a loudspeaker. To improve the quality and to adapt to the corresponding room, additional audio components are integrated, depending on the task at hand. Depending on the individual circumstances, these are specifically selected and precisely matched to the room to be sounded. Before the acoustic Definition of a sound reinforcement concept, basic information must be determined in advance. This is a prerequisite for the best possible system planning and technical implementation.