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Collaboration - Solutions for interactive teamwork

Collaboration solutions make teamwork easier and more efficient. We offer you state-of-the-art systems for interactive collaboration - your colleagues work on joint projects worldwide. Distances no longer play a role. Not only do you save on travel expenses, but you also avoid unnecessary loss of time. Use the full spectrum of modern unified communication and collaboration solutions in conference and meeting rooms for optimal teamwork and efficient communication. Increase the productivity of your company.


Collaborate interactively - we will help you.

Our portfolio includes video conferencing and telepresence systems, wireless presentation systems and interactive solutions as well as all consulting, planning and training services for the introduction of your collaboration solutions.


Collaboration tools increase efficiency

As the German Social Collaboration Study shows as early as 2017, the tools significantly increase work efficiency, by 16.6 to 41.7 percent depending on the field of work. The more intensively the collaboration tools are used, the higher the work efficiency tends to be. They also motivate employees to act innovatively. This is logical, because if everyone knows who is working on which topic and has the appropriate expertise, new ideas can be implemented more quickly.


How exactly does that work? That depends on the tool in question. Thanks to these tools, creative ideas can be developed together in Mindmapping, discussions can be held via instant messenger, video and audio conferencing services and the progress of the project can be monitored at any time via project management tools. Knowledge is organized in wikis and graphics, text and design proposals are submitted for approval via collaborative review services. Those who consistently use and combine the whole wealth of modern collaboration tools can optimize workflows in a way never seen before and save a lot of money.


Our experts will be happy to advise you on the selection of suitable systems or the expansion of existing solutions.