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iLOQ | Digital locking system with own power generation.

The digital locking systems from iLOQ increase security and save costs. The unique digital locking cylinders with their own energy generation are completely self-sufficient. No batteries or cables are needed. No matter what type of property is managed and what challenges you face in locking and managing - iLOQ offers an efficient and cost effective solution for businesses.


iLOQ is a profitable company from Finland that transforms mechanical locking systems into digital access management systems. iLOQ offers energy self-sufficient digital locking systems and access management that revolutionize the locking systems market in the same way that digital cameras once revolutionized photography. iLOQ solutions are based on proprietary and patented technologies that enable electrical systems without batteries or cables.

Battery-free digital locking at the touch of a button.

The patented batteryless, self-propelled iLOQ locking cylinder is compatible with modern European, Finnish and Scandinavian lock bodies and can be fitted to any new or existing door, padlock or lock without modifications. Locks can be installed as soon as the doors are ready. In renovation projects, locks can be installed on site before work begins. This simplifies operations and eliminates the need for large bunches of keys.


Self-propelled lock

The cylinder contains a generator. The energy required to grant access rights is generated by the movement of inserting the key into the lock. No additional batteries are required in the key. Data between the locking cylinder and the key's microchip is transmitted "on-air" with strong encryption. When access is granted, the locking of the locking cylinder is released and the lock can be opened by turning the key. When the key is pulled out of the cylinder, the lock closes again automatically. All iLOQ S10 locking cylinders and keys are programmable. They can be reused and securely reprogrammed when access rights are changed, so the system can easily be expanded as needed.


Fast and secure access rights

Access rights can be easily controlled from the computer with the iLOQ-Manager software. Administrators can view and change current information about keys, locks and access rights in the system to ensure maximum security at all times.



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The smartphone as key and power source.

iLOQ S50 is the world's first NFC locking cylinder with its own power supply. The cylinder generates the energy required for unlocking from a smartphone running the manufacturer's mobile app. This secure solution has been specifically designed to open up a wide range of possibilities for the utilities industry. Utilities such as power generation & distribution companies, telecommunications network services, data centers, water treatment plants, real estate services and transportation services are regularly faced with the challenge of managing numerous sites and a large number of locks simultaneously. A large number of keys are constantly in circulation. With iLOQ S50 a smartphone is the key. Access rights for all property locks can be remotely shared and multiple locations can be easily consolidated into an easy-to-use and secure cloud-based software platform, saving resources and simplifying access management.


Simple daily operations

A well-functioning, reliable utility industry is essential for a smoothly functioning modern society. iLOQ provides the necessary security, coupled with efficient wireless access clearance, which simplifies operational logistics and reduces the costs associated with mechanical and battery-powered electronic locks. The management of multiple sites and multiple employees has been simplified.


Life cycle savings

iLOQ S50 eliminates the cost of losing keys and replacing locks, replacing batteries and locking keys so utilities can focus their resources on developing their core business. Streamlining logistics and eliminating unnecessary travel associated with site management provides significant savings over the entire life cycle of the solution.



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