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cleverQ | Waiting Time Management and Performance Optimization

cleverQ is a novel, innovative system that offers you numerous possibilities to run your business more efficiently and smarter. The core function consists of waiting time management. For this purpose, the German manufacturer B.I.C. GmbH has developed a flexible system that can be quickly integrated into your corporate environment. Additionally, the free cleverQ app is available for iOS and Android. Together, these two system components make it possible to digitize the entire process of ticket allocation or appointment reservation and thus make it much easier - for you and for your customers.


With cleverQ you can establish a new waiting time management system in your company in just a few steps. You don't need to download or install any software or attach any additional equipment on site. With the numerous cleverQ modules, we can also suggest an individual solution that can optimize your entire business processes. This benefits not only you, but also your customers.


cleverQ | Waiting Time Management 2.0

The cleverQ scheduling module takes scheduling to the next level. With a single application you can coordinate all customer appointments across platforms. This module allows you to automatically assign appointments to your customers without additional phone calls or annoying e-mail correspondence. All you have to do is enter predefined office hours, which the customers can then choose freely in the app. If the customers don't have mobile devices or can't or don't want to download the cleverQ app, they can still reserve appointments using any standard web browser. For this purpose, we will set up an online appointment system tailored to your company. This is accessible to your customers just like a normal website. There you can reserve appointments quickly and easily.


cleverQ | Enterprise Solutions

The cleverQ enterprise solution with the Linux operating system can be installed on either a dedicated or a virtual server, thus providing your IT department with the desired flexibility. Central administration without client software and thus no license costs per workstation thanks to the "cleverQ browser control concept". The advantage of such a closed system is that no external servers need to be integrated into the internal IT infrastructure. Data protection and security aspects (internal IT policy) are thus equally served and covered.


Process flows are individually configured and mapped via the cleverQ backend in order to integrate the system environment customer call system as a real tool in your daily processes. Of course, service is cleverQ's top priority. Therefore, enterprise customers can rely on fast, uncomplicated service and support.


cleverQ | In Government

The cleverQ concept adapts optimally to the requirements and processes of a public authority without having to use the IT infrastructure. The issue is huge because the responsible IT departments are reluctant to integrate external systems into their network due to the increasing cybercrime rate. The cleverQ concept works completely autonomously and can still be controlled via standard web browsers at the workstations. There is no need to interfere with the existing IT infrastructure and its security concepts. The cleverQ system has already proven itself in registration offices, employment offices, tax offices and many other institutions and is becoming increasingly popular there.



cleverQ | Data Sheet | Module Dates

cleverQ | Access Control

Determine exactly who, when and where can enter. Eliminate interruptions during consultations and prevent people from entering restricted areas without permission. With the cleverQ access control module, barcodes are added to the waiting tags when tickets are issued. These do not allow access until the waiting person has been called. The barcode on the ticket is read by a barcode reader at the door and is assigned individually for each ticket.


Targeted control | You determine who, when and where gets access

No disturbances | Prevent uninvited guests from entering during consultation sessions.

Barcodes | The barcodes can be printed manually on tickets or digitally on the e-ticket.


Would you like to offer your customers a better service? Whether you have walk-in or appointment customers, cloud or local business solution - modernize your complete waiting time management now. Use the attractive cleverQ® module to permanently improve your service for customers and employees.



cleverQ | Data Sheet | Module Access Control