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In large buildings, such as office buildings, hospitals, hotels, production halls, etc., it is important to have an overview of who enters the entrance area. With access control systems from 2N, an AXIS Group company, you can significantly increase security in such exposed places. You can prevent unauthorized persons from entering the area completely or only grant them access to certain areas.


For many years, 2N has been a leader in access control and telecommunication and is also active in other areas such as IP audio and IP intercom for elevators. The company takes care to keep up to date with its products, research and development and the way it serves its customers. The AXIS Group, to which 2N belongs, has a common goal of contributing to a smarter and safer world. 2N benefits from the Swedish company's strong market position and extensive resources for development and research

2N | Access under control

In large buildings, such as office buildings, hospitals, hotels, production halls, etc., it is important to have an overview of who enters the entrance area. With 2N access control systems and intercom systems you control access to all areas in your buildings. You can also record the presence of your employees and, thanks to the connection to the camera system, you can also use access data from video recordings.


  • Access to buildings with the help of RFID cards or smartphones
  • possibility of connecting an unlimited number of end devices
  • remote management of all end devices


2N | Access with IP technology

Not only RFID cards but also smartphones with Bluetooth technology are used to access buildings. Our 2N® Mobile Key application "turns" any smartphone into an access card that you and your employees will always have with you. Another advantage of our access control systems is the use of IP technology. Thanks to this, not only can you install the solutions without any problems, but they are also very easy to expand. You are not limited by the number of units used in one installation and can easily expand the system at any time. Moreover, you can manage all units together using the 2N® Access Commander application.



2N an Axis Company | Brochure | Product Overview

2N | The right greeting

Greet visitors to your building in style and save the additional cost of a reception and receptionist. Take advantage of the advanced features of 2N door intercoms. They not only guarantee convenient communication, but also increase the security of your entrance doors thanks to an integrated camera.


  • Excellent intelligibility even in noisy environments
  • Wide angle color camera with connection to the video surveillance system (CCTV)
  • Highest resistance on the market


2N | IP Verso security intercom

Thanks to its modularity, the 2N® IP Verso security intercom can be configured to your individual needs. It provides reliable access control and enables easy connection to other systems, which ensures even greater security of your premises. The 2N® IP Verso, with a touch keyboard and RFID module, is an intelligent addition to your security system. While a receptionist can examine visitors, employees can use a key fob or PIN to enter the building. In addition, the intercom camera can stream into a VMS system. Integration with third-party systems such as Milestone or Genetec is a matter of course.


Main features:

  • More than 14 different modules
  • Integrated HD camera
  • Voice communication in HD
  • Integration into security systems


To increase security, our IP intercoms always send a photograph of the visitor's face to your email address. You will also appreciate the convenience of a 2N video door phone once you have let a visitor in using your PC, smartphone, tablet or our 2N® Indoor Touch multifunctional door opener. Thanks to IP technology, all 2N devices are easy to install and allow you to connect to your existing telephone, camera and security systems in your home. Using the 2N® Access Commander application, you can also manage them remotely, which is especially useful for larger installations.



2N an Axis Company | Brochure | Product Overview