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The access control system controls access via a set of rules defined by you "WHO-WHERE-WHERE", so that only authorized persons really have access to the areas in buildings or protected areas on a site that have been released for them. The access authorizations can be limited in time and to certain areas. The access authorization can be checked, for example, by employees of a security service or also by technical access control systems on the basis of proof of identity. The access control solutions of our manufacturers can be expanded at any time, so that they can be adapted to your new requirements at any time.

iLOQ S50 | The only locking cylinder that draws its energy from a smartphone.

The digital locking systems from iLOQ increase security and save costs. The unique digital locking cylinders with their own energy generation are completely self-sufficient. No batteries or cables are needed. No matter what type of property is managed and what challenges you face in locking and managing - iLOQ offers an efficient and cost effective solution for businesses.

KABA evolo Manager | Manage access control intuitively.

The intuitive "Kaba evolo Manager" software manages the entire system including user profiles, badges and door components. It offers a logging function to show all access and system events at a glance. Only authorised persons have access to the data via a flexible authorisation concept. With the "evolo" Kaba system, you ensure sustainable security in your company. The modular concept and the possibility of gradual expansion form the basis for the solution, which is precisely adapted to your requirements, even if these change over time.

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Kaba is the world's leading manufacturer of innovative access solutions for selected segments of the fast-growing security industry. The listed group employs about 8000 people in over 60 countries.


Whether you have walk-in customers or appointment customers, whether as a cloud or local enterprise solution - modernise your complete waiting time management now. cleverQ® offers a solution for a wide range of industries and integrates seamlessly into your company.

2N by Axis

For many years, 2N has been a leader in access control and telecommunications and is also active in other areas such as IP audio and IP intercom for lifts. Access control systems from 2N help you increase the security of your buildings.


The protection of rooms and buildings against unauthorised access has taken on a special significance in the security awareness of companies, authorities and private individuals.