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RZB | Standardized, luminous lifesavers.

The company RZB Rudolf Zimmermann, Bamberg GmbH stands for high-quality lighting products with more than 70 years of experience. As an obligatory matter of course, we see the manufacture of the luminaires, which simply save lives in emergencies, as being true to standards and durable. The harmonious combination of room and building architecture is a daily challenge. 


Quality means making no compromises. The manufacturer produces more than 20,000 high-quality lighting tools every day and can only guarantee their consistent quality by a decisive factor: Their own claim to be as close to perfection as possible. From incoming goods to production controls and long-term tests to logistics and after-sales service, every process step is strictly controlled, continuously optimised and, if circumstances require, redefined. With the DIN ISO 9001 certification, the manufacturer has documented since 1996 that these steps always meet the highest quality standards.


Pictorial navigation | Safety and information lights.

The manufacturer RZB offers a comprehensive product range in the field of safety and information lighting. Whenever the focus is on the immediate recognition of situations and information, "pictures should speak". Symbols, signs or pictograms are not only processed faster by the human brain, but are usually literally "learned" - they do not require any further explanation.


Guide, lead, inform, warn, ask.

Indicator luminaires perform these tasks with highly efficient light sources and homogeneous illumination in every conceivable (lighting) situation. Where required, they comply with existing standards or safety regulations; where desired, they are as individual as their location itself: From first aid and fire protection signs, to commandments, directions and instructions, to tailor-made labelling concepts.



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