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Mobotix | More than just a simple camera manufacturer.

Since 2000, the German manufacturer MOBOTIX has been developing and producing intelligent IP video systems that stand for comprehensive security, uncompromising reliability and the highest quality "Made in Germany". MOBOTIX has repeatedly set new standards with developments such as the first hemispheric IP video camera or the first IP video door station. With intuitive operation supported by artificial intelligence that can cope with even the greatest challenges, MOBOTIX ensures that you benefit from intuitive design and simple operation, and that complex control processes are eliminated.


A MOBOTIX camera delivers more than just sharp images, thanks to its equipment with self-contained storage management, a wide range of communication options including SIP technology, innovative video analysis and event logic. The camera detects dangers and automatically initiates defensive actions. This opens up completely new possibilities for prevention, which pay off in concrete terms. Thanks to their decentralized architecture, these video solutions can be easily integrated into an existing infrastructure and expanded almost indefinitely. Effective protection can thus be started with a small budget and expanded as needed. This guarantees long-term investment security.

Retail solutions

The details make the difference. Discreet, multifunctional video security and information systems at an excellent price-performance ratio. Despite the lowest system costs, Mobotix indoor cameras have all the coveted functions such as Hemispheric Technology. This is because indoors, due to the shorter distances involved, a hemispheric video system with fisheye lens and 360° panoramic view (when mounted on the ceiling) or 180° panoramic image (when mounted on the wall) is often the most efficient solution. A single camera can monitor an entire room seamlessly and discreetly.


MOBOTIX cameras can be configured and operated via PC, tablet or smartphone using a browser without additional software. All four indoor versions support intercom with optional HD audio equipment and can also record securely encrypted on the internal SD card. Also on board are intelligent video analysis tools for object and person statistics, heat maps and behaviour detection. In short, MOBOTIX offers a state-of-the-art out-of-the-box solution for almost all video applications in buildings - from theft detection to customer flow analysis.


Solutions in the Industry

Important infrastructures for energy generation, communication and supply must be specially secured and monitored for long-term reliable operation, not only in emergencies. Intelligent preventive measures can avoid considerable follow-up costs due to damage, repair and power failures in advance. In Germany alone, a company burns down every five minutes. The economic damage caused by fires adds up to several billion euros every year. The currently available offences and burglary figures are similarly dramatic, with an increase of sometimes more than 50% in the last 5 years. In contrast, the detection rates in commercial properties and companies are less than 20%, which impressively illustrates how important prevention is in the areas of burglary and early fire detection.



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MOBOTIX on the doorstep.

T26 outstation and access modules. The digital video door station can be perfectly adapted to the desired application using individual system modules. Hemispheric Video Technology is the heart of the high-resolution IP video door station, which uses its 360° fisheye lens to seamlessly cover the entire entrance area. When the doorbell rings, a video connection to the remote stations is established - for intercom and opening of the door - even worldwide. The modular system enables secure, keyless opening of the door via access code, RFID transponder and smartphone. Thanks to intelligent video analysis, the door station registers suspicious movements and noises, automatically starts recording for evidence and documentation purposes and at the same time sends a message to the residents or to a security service. Thanks to the IP standard, individual access solutions of any size can be implemented easily and cost-effectively by combining several door stations, cameras and additional devices. The T26 uses the international video telephony standard VoIP/SIP. All modules offered for outdoor use are weatherproof, maintenance-free and can be used from -30 to +50 °C.