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    Modern IP Camera systems

You need an overall concept for the installation of a new IP camera system. Our experts plan and install your IP cameras, align them and you can access the data from any PC in the world. Basically, IP camera solutions are always the perfect solution when you want to monitor, secure or control something. All IP camera models have something important in common that distinguishes them from conventional webcams: Thanks to their built-in computing unit, they work completely independently of a PC or notebook and are connected directly to the router. This puts you in control at all times - no matter where you are in the world.

World first Hikvision | Bispectral cameras with body temperature scanner.

With advanced detectors and algorithms, Hikvision's fever screening thermal imaging cameras can detect elevated body temperatures in moving crowds with an accuracy of up to ±0.3°C, making them suitable for office buildings, factories, train stations, airports and other public places. Rapid action and long lines in front of entrances and exits - another source of infection can be prevented.

Product portfolio


With intelligent video management, video analytics, access control and innovative detection systems, Senstar offers a comprehensive portfolio of proven and integrated technologies.


Axis helps its customers around the world protect people, property and assets, optimize business processes and improve business efficiency. The solutions are easy to install and adapt to changing needs.


MOBOTIX AG, which is listed on the German stock exchange, is not only an innovative technology driver in network camera technology; its decentralized concept makes high-resolution video systems profitable in the first place..


Hikvision develops the core technologies of audio and video coding, video image processing and associated data storage, as well as pioneering technologies such as cloud computing, Big Data and Deep Learning.